Contestant Rules:

1. HoG wants to develop a Sisterhood. Any type of unsportsmanlike behavior, gossiping and bad attitudes (unless you are in our Baby & Little Miss division) will get you barred for competing for a period of no less than one year. This includes PARENTS! 

2. MAHoG Must be born a female and classified ONLY as a female unless a King's title is specified.

3. Contestants 18 and under need signed parental release forms.

4. Miss American Heart of Gold Pageant System is a Natural Pageant system. Contestants competing with fake eyelashes, wiglets, flippers...etc WILL BE DROPPED WITH NO REFUND unless medically mandated! False nails are allowed for the Teen + Up divisions.

5. No glitz and cupcake dresses allowed. All formal wear gowns must be floor-length.

6. All Clothing in all divisions should be age-appropriate. If you have to think twice about it, leave it at home. 

The Heart of Gold Pageant System exists to emphasize true beauty- Inward and Outward. 
Through poise, education, and community service, the title holding Heart of Gold Queen will seek to impact her community as she reigns with grace and beauty.