Contestant Rules:

1. MAHoG wants to develop a Sisterhood. Any type of unsportsmanlike behavior, gossiping and bad attitudes (unless you are in our Baby & Little Miss division) will get you barred for competing for a period of no less than one year. This includes PARENTS! 

2. MAHoG Must be born a female and classified ONLY as a female unless a King's title is specified.

3. Contestants 18 and under need signed parental release forms.

4. Miss American Heart of Gold Pageant System is a Natural Pageant system. Contestants competing with fake eyelashes, wiglets, flippers...etc WILL BE DROPPED WITH NO REFUND unless medically mandated! False nails are allowed for the Teen + Up divisions.

5. No glitz and cupcake dresses allowed. All formal wear gowns must be floor-length.

6. All Clothing in all divisions should be age-appropriate. If you have to think twice about it, leave it at home. 

The Heart of Gold Pageant System exists to emphasize true beauty- Inward and Outward. 
Through poise, education, and community service, the title holding Heart of Gold Queen will seek to impact her community as she reigns with grace and beauty.

Miss American Heart of Gold