Poised & Polished Virtual Etiquette Workshop Information

1. You will receive a Heart of Gold Etiquette Kit in the mail within 2 weeks after registration. It will have the entire setup for the dining portion of the class with instructions on how to properly set it up. 

2. Each Participant must have on Sunday dress, or a cocktail dress on, as this is a formal class. 

3. The class should take place in a quiet kitchen, and a living room. Parents should make sure Participants have a working device on for the Participant to follow along. (I pad, tablet, laptop) The class will be fun, but fast paced. The trainers do not need to be delayed due to missed information from a faulty device. 

4. The Posture portion should be done in a living room. You will only need 1 stand alone chair. I do not suggest using the couch if you can avoid it. It does not help with posture. 

5. As Participants are taking the class, the parent should get a couple of pictures of the girls engaging in the session. After the walk is learned, each participant needs a 6 second video on the walk she learned! 

6. Certificates of Completion and Awards will be mailed and received within two weeks of the Poised & Polished Virtual Etiquette Class. 

7. There will be a sibling discount for this event. 
 $45- 1 child
$35- 2nd child
$25- 3rd child

Poised & polished tRAINERS

White House Award Winning Expert Etiquette Consultant, Verna Caddie

Accomplished Beauty Winner & 

​Pageant Coach, Jonelle Joiner