Meet The staff

Andrea Mosley- Administrative Coordinator
The HoG "Golden Officer"!
Andrea enforces all the rules and makes sure procedures and policies are followed. She works with the scoring, tallying, and judging during physical and virtual pageants, and handles things on an administrative level. She works very closely with Kimberly and Toya to ensure perfect execution of goals and events! She is known as the HoG "Momma" because she always has good wisdom and tips not only on pageantry, but life as well!

Latoya Ward- Administrative Assistant
The "Woman of Many Hands"
Latoya is the newest staff member, and by far a true necessity. She brings balance, relief, and a true giving heart. Latoya will give her time, her energy, and anything else she has to offer for the betterment of Heart of Gold. Latoya is a great listener, and often had a way of encouraging people without even realizing it! She is behind the scenes and always dependable and committed to our goals, while working daily to achieve her own!


Heart of Gold consists not only of a community service-based tiered pageant system, it holds a foundation for unity and a true sense of family!
There are many aspects of maintaining a growing organization, from daily management to goal execution to event planning and so much more.

Heart of Gold is honored to have a core of strong and phenomenal women at the basis of it's empire! These women are always serving their community in more than one aspect! They lead their own initiatives, and many are wives, mothers, business owners and hold a daytime job as well! These are are core of Heart of Gold! We daily thank them for the hours they put in creating the masterpiece we have today!
Please ask these ladies questions! Get to know them! They are here for YOU!

Kimberly Quijano-Almaraz- Social Engagement Coordinator
The "Sparkle & Sunshine" 

Kimberly began as Royalty and was promoted internally soon after due to her profound leadership skills. She not only works behind the scenes, but she is constantly on the forefront of our social media and planning team. She brings a positive light to any situation, and thinks of the creative ideas that the administration team works tirelessly to execute! She can be can considered as the "glue" that holds us together!