Queens Must Submit All Required Documents on or Before Due Dates!

1. Once you register and pay the deposit, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail! Look forward to it!

2. After you receive your letter, please take a full length picture in a BLACK COCKTAIL OR SUNDAY-BEST DRESS. 
Please take these pictures OUTDOORS with a CLEAR, NATURAL BACKGROUND (trees, flowers....etc. No people, animals or cars in the background). I will post examples in our Heart of Gold Contestants & Royalty Group. 

3. You must collect either two $50 1/2 page ads, or one $100 full page ad by the given fall due date. These ads will be in the Heart of Gold program book. 

4. You will need to purchase a white ball gown. Specifics will be posted in our Heart of Gold Contestants & Royalty Group. Google debutante and cotillion dresses for an idea. You can have a full pageant gown as well. Silver Shoes Required. 

5. We want to showcase you! Each Queen will be presented by an appointed escort. During this time, the Queen's bio will be read as she is walked around the floor. A short slideshow highlighting each Queen's memorable moments throughout her life will be played as well during this time. Each Queen will need to turn in a typed bio 4 weeks before the cotillion. 

6. Each Queen will be sent a flyer and online links to invite friends and family to come to this memorable event. A gift will be given to the Queen with the most tickets sold. 

7. If you know of an organization who deserves to be one of our honorees, please let me know. I am looking for more! Please send me the organization name, why they deserve to be highlighted, social media info, and contact name. 

8. Sign up for the Poised & Polished Virtual Etiquette Class! This is mandatory to enter the Presentation of the Queens. If you miss it you can still purchase online access. 

9. Practice your slow dancing! There will be a short Father/Daughter Dance so find your male escort and let them know ahead of time!

10. Those who are from out of town, we are currently researching  good hotel deals so check out the website and Facebook page for updates. 

11. Queens must volunteer, donate or appear at any organization or business throughout the summer. Please keep a log on a piece of paper, and be ready to submit it in September. 

12.  There will be two online virtual information sessions! There must be proof you sat through them both. They will be recorded as well, so you will have access to them at any time. 

13.  Each participant will receive a Certificate of Completion, trophy, and a gift from Heart of Gold. 

14. We will crown for titles. These titles are won through community service, exemplary presence, and crown-worthy titles of the Directors choosing. 

15. You will be able to purchase pictures and video after the event. I will update on further info at a later date. 

16. There is a sibling discount for the Presentation of the Queens. Each child after the initial $250 cotillion fee is an additional $50 off. 

1 Child- $250
2nd Child- $200
3rd Child- $150