Dallas, Texas
Courtyard Marriott Dallas  Richardson at Spring Valley

Richardson, TX 
February 16, 2020

12-3:30 pm
Check-In 10 am

Please Provide:
3 8x10 Photos (no glitz) for Miss Photogenic. Photos must be in a folder. Please place contestant name on the folder. Photos will be available for pick up after crowning. 

*We will be collecting donations for a charity. Whomever collects the most donations will be the Queen of Hearts!*
Specific charity info coming soo​n. 

Teeny Miss 0-11mos.
Baby Miss 12mos.-2
Wee Miss 3-5
Tiny Miss 6-8
Little Miss 9-11
Jr. Miss 12-14
Teen Miss 15-19
Miss 20-29
Mrs. 20+ Married
Ms. 30+ Unmarried
*divisions go by birthday on pageant day*

Miss Photogenic - The contestant who scores the highest with her 3 photos will receive a special award and trophy!

Mommy & Me - Grab your favorite Gal, pick your outfit of choice, and show us who you are in a fun and natural, or rehearsed routine! Please email your music to heartofgoldcontestant@gmail.com by February 1st. No longer than 90 seconds please. 

Red Fashion Wear - Flaunt your stuff in any type of red-based outfit (except formal)! Must be age appropriate! See our standards on our website and our Heart of Gold Facebook Group. *Awards Division Winner*

Formal - Gather your Gowns and grace the stage in your Queen attire. We love natural elegance! We do NOT allow glitz, flippers, and hairpieces under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  False lashes on divisions under Teen Miss is prohibited. Floor length dresses are required for all divisions except Teeny Miss & Baby Miss. Absolutely NO MIDRIFFS unless Teen Division and up AND it must have a sheer covering/netting of some type. No bare skin. 
*Awards Division Winner*

Golden Girl Queen - Contestant who refers the most contestants to the Queen of Hearts Pageant. Also receives a special gift. 
Awards Queen of Queens (Jr. Miss+Up) & Mini Queen of Queens (Teeny Miss-Little Miss) - Highest Overall Score
*Crowning Every Division Winner*
No one will leave empty handed!

Once you are a crowned Queen, you will be given a non-exclusive contract which entails our Royalty guidelines and photography standards for our advertisements. 

The Entrance Fee is $100 for EVERYTHING. 
Siblings are $15 off entry. 

The deposit is $50 and is non-refundable after Jan. 16. 

All balances are due on Feb 1. Deposits are due on Jan. 16. 
Please PayPal your $50 or $100 to heartofgoldpayments@gmail.com.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! We would love to have you join our Heart of Gold family and create fun experiences for you as you Become Royalty!